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Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is considered one of the most bizarre and beautiful countries in South Asia. This is the reason why Sri Lanka also known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Before 1972, Sri Lanka was known as “Ceylon” all over the world. Sri Lanka is a country which has been mentioned repeatedly in “Ramayana” which is a great poem. The flag of Sri Lanka is one such flag in the world that speaks of four religions. Adam’s Peak, located in Sri Lanka, is considered to be the holiest site in the world.

Places to visit Sri Lanka

Ella – Located in the beautiful setting with forest-covered hills, sweeping valleys, and picturesque tea plantation. Ella is a lovely place to spend time. The Journey by rail to Ella from Kandy is an iconic one and will take you chugging along in a colorful carriage up through the lush, verdant hills. Ella itself may be small but if you enjoy hiking or just relaxing in the peace and quiet of nature, it’s definitely well worth your time. Make sure to hike to some of the nearby waterfalls and temples, as well as to the top of Ella rock for the incredible views.

Kandy – The second largest city in Sri Lanka, is the gateway to the central highlands and its tropical plantations that grow both tea and rubber. The last capital of the ancient kingdom, Kandy is home to the temple of the Tooth Relic. One of the most sacred Buddhist temple in the world. A major, colorful festival involves taking the tooth relic around the city.

Colombo – Colombo has been the commercial capital of Sri Lanka for more than 2000 years when its large natural harbor made it popular with ancient traders from Italy to china. It’s often referred to as the country’s capital, though the legislative capital is located in a nearby city. Colombo is a popular tourist destination. The city seamlessly mixes modern malls and skyscrapers with beautiful colonial buildings. A range of architectural styles can be found in the city, with the Murugan Hindu Temple being one of the best.

Yala National Park – You shouldn’t miss wildlife safari. A visit to one of the many national park is a must. The most diversity can be seen in the Yala National park. Which is the second largest of the Island and also one of the best spots in the world to observe leopards in the wild.

And many other interesting places are there to visit at Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Delicacies: –

Sri Lankan are very food, variety of food are there you can taste in Sri Lanka like Fish ambul Thiyal (Sour fish curry) Parripu (Dhal Curry) Kulkul mas curry (Chicken curry) Kottu (Kottu Chapati), meat Trumpet and lots of more.

How to Reach:-

You can reach to this magical island by flight and by Ship as well.

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